Is Blogging still Profitable? – For Beginners

Taking up the pen, or keyboard in this matter, is an act of stress relief, expressing your love, frustrations, or simply encouragement for any topic you want to blog about. Many blogs on the web are simply spots where people vent, similar to a diary, with a select group of people that are creating and working on blogs to create their income. 

Blogging is still heavily profitable, with many bloggers that use the right styles, content, and word counts experiencing large incomes as they gain success. Blogging is a source of income that many people are learning will bring them passive income as they become more comfortable with the work. 

There are many things that you may need to know when it comes to blogging, especially when it comes to making a profit from the website. Many people start blogging in a blind fervor without taking a moment to see how others are doing it or what they may need to do to write content that people would be interested in. Some of the best blog ideas never take off because people fail to create a website that looks enticing. 

Is it Worth Starting a Blog?

There are more than 152-million blogs currently on the internet, which can be discouraging to many people. The amount of competition seems impossible to beat, with many writers thinking that they would never be able to reach the top levels of other blogs. Some writers do a Google search for their topic and become even more discouraged when they see all the other blogs in their niches. I understand your feeling as I was one of them. 

But should that crowdedness of websites stop you? In my opinion, it is still worth starting up your blog. According to some statistics, in 2020, more than 1.5 billion websites on the internet were inactive with their owners having stopped updating the site long ago. Can you imagine? It leaves us with just about 200 million active websites. 

It is not about how many websites are there, but it is about consistency and hard work put behind it. If you update your blog a few times every single week, it will quickly start gaining popularity. You will find your posts being shared by people on social media or other platforms. 

Passion + Profits = Successful Blog

Starting your blog should also be a mix of passion and profits. If you are not passionate about what you are writing, you will have an uphill battle. But there is also another side of the coin. If you only go for passion without any potential profit in the future, it becomes your online diary, not an online business. You will need both – passion and profits.

Some of the most successful blog sites aren’t the ones that had something unique to say or were the ones that saw the greatest early success. The most successful blogs are the ones that are still updated several years after they were created. If you have something you love, something you are doing that you would like to turn into a profit machine, then blogging will always be worth it. 

Is it Realistic to Make Money Blogging?

Many, many writers that you ask about blogging will tell you it is not at all realistic to make money through blogging. These are writers or passionate people that have tried blogging themselves and failed, usually not looking at the markets, updating their ideas, or updating their writing styles. Some of the most successful social media influencers all started their careers through blogging and will still be actively writing. If you want to be successful you will need to follow their example by creating content.

No doubt, blogging can be a good career if you want to go in that direction. To make money through blogging, you must implement other things. It is important to remember that there are several ways to make money through blogging. These could include sales, advertisements, products, and even sponsorships. That is why you will see bloggers constantly searching for something to write about. They look for content that can be helpful to their readers and push it to be seen by more people. 

It’s proven by many, once you have started making some money through blogging, it will quickly turn into a constant source of revenue for you. Many companies have been using their blogs to sell their services and bring more people to their main website. That’s why it is important to define what you want your blog to do before you start writing, as this will affect how much profits you are making. 

Does Anyone Read Blogs Anymore?

Starting a blog can be a challenging thing to do, and many times you are not even aware of other people who are reading blogs. It may feel like you are alone in the world; the only person that reads a five-thousand-word blog about why a potato will not grow in beach sand. Many first-time bloggers quickly become discouraged before they have even started. 

The simple answer is that Yes, people are still reading blogs. If you would like to know how many people are still reading blogs, you must understand how blogs are used and what the average lengths of a blog post are. Some of the most surprising statistics can be gathered when looking deeper into the internet. 

• The Total Percentage of People that Read Blogs

In the latest updated information, we can find that 4.9-billion people were using the internet in 2020. That does not mean that those were all people that accessed the internet each day. It is the total number of people that used the internet regularly. When you are blogging, you want a slice of the pie – the people that you need to go onto your blog site.

From the 4.9-billion people we know about, 77% of them would visit a blogging website at least once a week. In 2020, more than 3.7-billion people read a blog. Of course, that number will continue to grow year by year. Each one of those people may be a new customer who could visit your blog site and turn it into a profit machine. 

• Marketers and their Blogs

Knowing how many people read blogs, you may be wondering who is creating all of these blogs and how they are being used. The simple answer is that it is a mix of personal blogs, news blogs, and company blogs. With company blogs, most likely, you have visited one without knowing it, as these are often where companies would create a guide to use their products. 

Many marketing departments have reported that over 55% of the incoming traffic to their websites were generated through the blogs they are running. That is a rapid increase in revenue and a quick way to enable people to understand more about their products. If you are blogging for yourself, it is important to remember that many blogging statistics are influenced by the companies who are not seeking a revenue stream from their blog. 

• The Most Optimal Length for a Blog

Something vital to have on your blog, as it is the entire purpose of the blog, are the blog posts. These are some of the most challenging things you will encounter with many blog writers. One is having difficulty reaching the ideal blog post length. You can see that some blogs will have thousands of words per blog post, while others barely have more than three good paragraphs worth of content. 

The ideal number of words per blog post is between 2250 and 2500 words, as this can deliver a lot of information without becoming a wall of text. Some of the most famous blogs are consistently delivering the same sized posts, with the writer sticking to a self-imposed word count that they will never compromise. That will help you to know what content would fit on your blog. It will also give you an idea of what to combine with other content that will enable you to create a sufficiently lengthy post. 

Why are Some Blogs Seemingly Everywhere?

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Once you have your blog up and started, you may start to wonder why other people are constantly posting about what this or that blogger said. Sometimes it may feel like certain blogs are the leader in your niche even when you know some of their articles are not always as accurate as the posts on your site are. 

It comes down to sharing blogs, working with other bloggers, and rewards given by those blogs. One of the best tricks in your blogging tool bag will be to share the posts made by other bloggers, and them sharing yours. That drives cross-posting and link strength, as each link between the posts automatically allows more people and search engines to know where certain content is. 

The other thing you can do is creating competitions that your blogging friends all share on their blogs. If you want to see how successful this can take a look at YouTubers and how many views they suddenly get when they have created a giveaway of any of their products. 

Final Thoughts

Blogging is a fun experience that you can do either in your spare time, or you can work on making it your main source of income. Some of the most successful people in the world may have started as simple bloggers, or they may be the most famous people, these days it can be hard to tell them apart. 

Just be sure you love what you are blogging about. Nothing drives people away from a blog as quickly as unpassionate writing. Write as you would talk to your friend, and you will see many people will start trusting you and your content.

There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them.

– Seth Godin

I hope you will execute your idea.

What about you? Would you like to start your blog and make it as your own career? Or have you got your blog already but have not seen any results yet?

Share with us in the comments below!

May you Prosper in ALL Good Things!



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