No Emergency Savings The Money Trap You Don't Want To Fall Into - Secured Profits

No Emergency Savings? The Money Trap You Don’t Want To Fall Into

Life is a journey full of twists and turns. Without warning, financial storms can arise, testing how strong our foundations are. One common weak spot is not having emergency savings. Not having an emergency fund is a money trap because it leaves you vulnerable to unexpected expenses. Life’s surprises can hit hard, and without a … Read more

Does the Bible Encourage Poverty A Biblical Perspective - Secured Profits

Does the Bible Encourage Poverty? A Biblical Perspective

Poverty and wealth are topics that can spark heated debate among Christians. Some argue that the Bible promotes poverty as the ideal spiritual state. They may point to Jesus’ words about selling possessions and giving to the poor (Luke 18:22), or His declaration that “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye … Read more

How to Pray to God About Financial Problems 7 Biblical Principles - Secured Profits

How to Pray to God About Financial Problems – 7 Biblical Principles

Have you ever felt buried under a mountain of debt or stretched paper-thin by bills you can’t pay? Financial struggles can seem overwhelming and even hopeless at times. God cares deeply about every part of our lives, but how can we come to Him about problems like debt, job loss, or other monetary stresses? When … Read more

Escape Financial Stress 7 Keys to Inner Peace with Money - Secured Profits (on photo: man sitting on stone)

Escape Financial Stress: 7 Keys to Inner Peace with Money

Money can cause a lot of stress and worry for many people. If you are having trouble paying bills, have debt, or just wish you had more financial security, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. This constant concern can take away your peace and happiness. But it is possible to find calm even when struggling … Read more

Will God Help Me With My Financial Problems Biblical Guidance - Secured Profits

Will God Help Me With My Financial Problems? | Biblical Guidance

Let’s face it, financial challenges can really stress us out, causing anxiety and hardship. A natural question arises during such times – will God help me with these money problems? The Bible offers wisdom and encouragement to rely on God’s love and care, even when challenges remain. You see, God cares about every single aspect … Read more

17 Fun and Engaging Biblical Money Lessons for Children - Secured Profits

17 Fun and Engaging Biblical Money Lessons for Children

Teaching children biblical financial principles is vital for their growth and maturity. As Proverbs 22:6 explains, guiding children’s financial understanding will set them on a wise path for life. Despite arguments that money matters are too complex for kids, biblical teachings prove otherwise.  Teaching money lessons using interactive activities helps children really understand and apply … Read more

10 Essential Biblical Money Lessons for Children Parenting Guide - Secured Profits (on photo: child with red paper heart)

10 Essential Biblical Money Lessons for Children: Parenting Guide

As parents, one of our responsibilities is to teach our children essential Biblical money lessons and principles for wisely handling finances. In today’s materialistic society, kids are bombarded with messages about wealth and consumption from a young age.  Teaching biblical money lessons to children is crucial because it provides them with a strong foundation for … Read more

Christ-Centred Abundance Transforming Every Area of Your Life - Secured Profits

Christ-Centred Abundance: Transforming Every Area of Your Life

What does it mean to live an abundant, flourishing life? Our culture often associates abundance with material wealth, career success, and non-stop pleasure-seeking. However, Jesus offers a radically different vision of abundance that transcends earthly definitions. True abundance springs from having a vital, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. When He is at the centre of … Read more

Overcoming Negativity God's Way Biblical Guidance - Secured Profits (on photo: butterfly on flower)

Overcoming Negativity God’s Way: Biblical Guidance

Negative thinking can easily creep into our minds and impact our lives in powerful ways. Especially when it comes to finances, we may find ourselves consumed with worry, doubt, and anxiety. However, as Christians, we know that this type of thinking is not in line with God’s will for our lives.  So, how can we … Read more

Think Twice Before Falling Into These 5 Common Money Traps - Secured Profits (on photo: maze)

Think Twice Before Falling Into These 5 Common Money Traps

It’s far too easy today to get ensnared in harmful financial pitfalls that can damage our finances and distance us from God’s wisdom. With online shopping, access to credit, and a culture that prioritises consumption, money traps are everywhere. As Christians seeking to honour God with our resources, we must be vigilant and think carefully … Read more