9 Reasons Behind Why Blogging is SO Important for the Future

Blogging is becoming increasingly popular as time goes on, and there are over 4-million blogs written every day. This poses the question of whether it is something that will be relevant in the future or if it is just a phase of today. After conducting some research, I have found many reasons why blogging will still be important in the future.

1. They are free for readers

2. They are quick to access

3. They are popular among young adults

5. They provide education worldwide

6. They create an unrestricted audience

7. They can provide quality information

8. They can make money

9. They provide traffic for sales

I will go into each of these points in more detail, but first, let’s look at what blogging is and how it can benefit you.

What is a Blog?

Blogs are websites run by either an individual or group, containing a series of written articles. They are generally informative and written in a way that is easy to understand.

The blogger can write about anything they choose. There is usually an overarching theme to the website that reaches a target audience. For example, there are blogs about property investing, designed to reach those looking to enter the property market.

There are two main types of blogs: informative and personal.

  • An informative blog provides the reader with information on a particular topic. There is research involved, and the reader has something to gain from reading the article. The research is generally sourced from experts in the field and combined into one easy-to-read article.

These blogs appeal to a broad range of people and can be very successful in ranking in search engines such as Google. This means that when someone seeks information on that topic, they will find the blog on the first page of the search. Informative blogs are what I will be referring to in this article.

  • Personal blogs are websites used to share your opinion. These blogs can quickly become lost in Google, as they do not appeal to the masses. The reader does not gain much information after reading the content as it is more for entertainment purposes.

A personal blog would require public exposure or a unique perspective for the target audience to search for it.

If you choose to start an informative blog, you will be investing your time in the future of information-sharing. The following nine points will detail why blogging is important for the future. You will also see how it can benefit you personally.

1. Blogs are Free for Readers

If there’s one thing that never goes out of fashion, it’s a free price-tag. 

Yes, you can have products and advertising on the blog to make money, but the content itself is free for readers. They can get what they came for without paying anything.

Don’t let this discourage you. The content may be free, but the traffic it attracts is far more valuable. If you have content that is helpful to the reader, they may be inclined to stay on your website.

The more traffic you have and the longer people stay on your blog, the more likely they are to click on an affiliate link or advertisement. I will explain more about this later. They may also note how helpful your article was and begin to trust other content you produce. This includes content for sale.

As time goes on, people will always try to find the lowest price for what they need. Sourcing information is no different.

2. Blogs are Quick to Access

As well as looking for the cheapest way to find their information, people will also want it fast. As we become more of a fast-paced society, time is becoming precious, and people become impatient very quickly. If there is a way to get what they need quickly, that will always take preference.

This is another aspect of blogging that is timeless. Blogs can be accessed anytime and anywhere, through any device that has access to the internet. That includes computers, phones, and tablets, all of which are commonplace in today’s society.

In particular, mobile phones are becoming a necessity. Over 4-billion people own one, and they have become incredibly fast in recent years. Not only that, but they are also extremely portable and can be carried almost anywhere in your pocket.

If all it takes is someone picking up their phone and Googling their question, it’s no wonder that blogs are becoming so popular. People want the information at their fingertips, and that’s precisely what a blog provides.

This is only going to continue as phones get cheaper and phone providers reach further around the world.

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3. Blogs are Popular among Young Adults

  • It’s Easier to Find Specific Information on a Blog

Statistics[L1]  show that approximately 80% of young adults today prefer reading to watching a video when looking for information. This means that the majority of people in the next generation are getting their knowledge from blogs. 

That doesn’t mean that videos and podcasts are not popular. They offer a wealth of information and are still an excellent platform to use. But when it comes to finding specific information, blogs are in high demand.

This is because it’s much easier to find specific information on a blog, where the information is laid out in front of the reader. They can skim through titles and subheadings to determine if the article has what they need. This makes it easy to find which part of the article will answer their question.

On the other hand, watching a video or listening to a podcast requires more patience. Each time you skip through the content, it takes time to readjust. This makes it challenging to navigate and find exactly for you’re looking for. 

If you can find the same information in half the time, the choice is easy.

  • Blogs can be Read Anywhere

Reading through a blog can also be done quietly. It doesn’t matter if you forgot your headphones that day – you can read an article on the bus, in a lecture, or at a friend’s house. Blogs can be read anywhere without disturbing anyone around you. Provided you have internet access, you can read it anywhere.

  • Written Information is Retained Longer

On top of that, written information is retained longer than the spoken word. This contributes to why blogs are so successful in seeking information.

In my example, if I listen to or watch something important, I need my iPad and keyboard to write the main points. If I do not do that, I often skip the main idea, then have to go back, find it, and listen to it again. That is time-consuming. If I listen for pleasure, it is fine, but if I want to learn something, I need to sit down, concentrate and take notes. That’s why I prefer articles to videos because they save me time. 

4. Blogs are Ideal Platforms for Information

There are many other competitive platforms that offer the audience written information. But blogs are specifically designed to educate people on a particular topic. The blogger writes the content that the reader wants to know.

Other competing platforms include social media or news articles. However, these serve their unique purpose and generally do not answer a specific search query. 

Social media provides the reader with entertainment. People use websites such as Facebook or Instagram to pass the time. News articles, although very informative, report on social events. They keep the reader up-to-date with society.

Blogs, on the other hand, can be very informative and contain a wealth of information in one article. People can find information that is helpful, and in a format that is easy to read.

If they need information, all they have to do is type their question into Google and click on the blog.

Unless another platform for sharing information becomes available, blogging will continue to be a relevant and important platform for sharing information.

5. Blogs Provide Education Worldwide

With blogs being accessible anytime and anywhere, they can reach a worldwide audience. The information available can be seen by billions of people. Someone in the United Kingdom could write an article, and someone from New Zealand could view it the same day.

Isn’t it awesome! 

Even if you step into the world’s largest library, the internet would still contain more content. There are approximately 1.8 billion websites available at this point in time, a number that increases every day.

Although only 59% of the population has access to the internet worldwide, that number is steadily increasing. Technology is advancing, becoming cheaper and more readily available. Currently, more than 4-billion people have some form of internet access. That’s a large audience.

Within that group, there are around 3.5 billion Google searches every day.

People worldwide are turning more towards finding their information online, and blogs are a large part of that. They might want to learn how to find a job, write an assignment or how to get their baby to sleep.

This is important for making information readily available to everyone. Being connected worldwide enables us to learn from one another in ways that simply weren’t possible before the internet. People generally enjoy learning to keep their mind active or to help with their everyday lives. If they can find this easily on a blog, they will be more inclined to read more.

If you choose to become a blogger, you will not only have the opportunity to educate others, but you will also learn more with each article you write. You will be reading through information from experts in order to piece together your own content, becoming an expert yourself.

The internet is quickly becoming our primary source of education. That is why blogging will be relevant for many years to come.

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6. Blogs Create an Unrestricted Audience

Once your blog has built up enough traffic, you have an audience that you can reach anytime and anywhere. While half the world is sleeping, the other half is searching. You have constant exposure to your content.

This audience is also entirely your own. That is not the case with other platforms. Some social media platforms, for example, will not allow your content to be seen by everyone unless you pay a service fee. 

They may even delete content if it does not serve their purpose or if the site becomes too cluttered. Other platforms might also prevent viewers from seeing content if you provide links that will take people away from the host’s website. 

If it is not your own audience, you lose control over what that audience can see.

Having a blog gives the readers the freedom to view everything on your site until you choose to take it down.

7. Blogs Can Provide Quality information

With the increase in technology, some companies will use bots to create content on a blog. These articles are impersonal and sometimes incorrect. They are flooding the internet with low-quality content that doesn’t help the reader.

Google is just one of many search engines that are trying to discourage this. They are continually developing new strategies to identify genuine content. They value websites that will help their users as this makes them a reliable source of information.

If you are writing an engaging blog that is helpful and informative, your content will be recognized as valuable. Google computers have algorithms that are able to find these articles and will rank them higher when people search for that topic.

Quality content is also valuable to the reader. People don’t want to search through multiple websites just to find one answer. They don’t have the time or patience. They also like that information to be presented in a simple way that is engaging and relevant. This is something that bots are not very good at.

As long as search engines and readers are still looking for genuine content, blogs will continue to increase in popularity.

8. Blogs CAN Make Money

Can You Actually Make Money with a Blog - Thoughtful Woman and Many Question Marks

Blogs can generate an income in a unique way.

Usually, people will wake up, get ready and go to work. Each hour of work corresponds to a set income. They do this day after day to earn enough money to survive and to enjoy life. But to have more time to enjoy life, you need to spend less time at work. It’s a vicious cycle.

Despite wages going up over the years, inflation and the cost of living have also risen. As an example, statistics[L2]  show that the average income of an individual in 1974 is relatively the same today when taking inflation into account.

This is reason enough to find other methods of earning an income. 

Blogging provides the opportunity to earn income passively, or in other words – you make money without doing any work. Of course, there is definitely work involved in setting up your website. Still, once that is done, you could potentially leave it for months without lifting a finger.

Here are profitable blogs that can make money.

There are Several Ways to Make Money from a Blog 

Here are the most common methods:


Companies will pay you money to advertise on your website. Generally, more traffic through your blog will provide more income from the advertisers. If more people are reading your articles, there is a higher chance that someone will click on one of the ads. Therefore companies will pay more money for websites with more page views.

Affiliate Programs

Some companies will have an affiliate program, where you are paid to divert traffic to their website. Once you have signed up for the affiliate program, they will provide links that you can direct your audience to. This is another form of advertising but usually relates to content in your articles.

Product Sales

If you have people coming to your blog and reading your articles, they might be interested in purchasing products that you have to offer. This can be physical items for sale or digital content such as info-products or e-books. If you have the skills and creativity to produce a product for your blog, you get 100% of the sales.

Making money this way is becoming very popular. For those who want financial freedom or those who cannot find conventional work, blogging will likely play a large role in providing income in the future.

9. Blogs Provide Traffic for Sales

The internet is made up of billions of websites, so competition is high. If you are creating a website simply to host your products, there is very little to draw an audience. Your website will become lost among all the others, and nobody will see what you have to offer.

Having a blog solves this problem. Blogs have information that provides the viewer with a written answer to their written question. The more articles you write, the more questions you can answer.

The price of owning a storefront is on the rise as the population becomes denser. With this, showcasing your products is becoming harder. If those same products were available on a blogging website, the exposure would be much more than any storefront could offer.

This is why you will notice most major companies will have a blog as part of their marketing strategy. It increases traffic, and this increases your sales. 

If you have been considering starting a business or website, consider these nine reasons why blogging is so important and how it will positively impact you in the future. It is such a valuable tool in today’s society and will continue to play a large role in years to come.

Have this article convinced you to start your own blog? Or have you got a difficulty to find your niche? Please share in the comments below.

May you Prosper in ALL Good Things!






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